SiMone Smith

The war on consciousness, the war on our own minds, and the need to find release and to find peace amidst this chaos, is what drives me to create. It gives me the chance to express what I cannot put into words, and also gives me the chance to connect with someone who needs what I need. 

I try to focus on the process, not the outcome, and hope only to create whatever is personally meaningful and beautiful to me. 

I am guided by instinct and impulse, and drawn to work wherever the idea takes me.

My sites, both and, are run by me and I work solely for myself. My films come from my own hard work and are self-produced. And anything you buy from my print shop will directly support my creative flow.

My hope is to always live off my passion and creativity, and I’m very excited to share my work here because it gives me the wonderful opportunity to connect with you, and hopefully to collaborate with you also.

If you’re looking to commission me to make you a music video, promo, artwork, or if you wish to collaborate on an idea that excites us both, just send me a line at

Thanks for checking out my work.